How Much Does a Dog Daycare Owner Make?

One of the more common questions that we get from potential franchisees is “how much does a dog daycare owner make?” Though the answer is relatively dependent on a number of variables, a successful dog daycare owner’s salary can be expected to sit between $25,000 and $149,000. Basically, you get the profit minus what you want to save for the business. Of course many dog franchise systems fall somewhere in between the two numbers, but our 10 years of experience can help prepare you for success. To be one of them, the biggest determinant of your success is your foundation as a business and how your profit margins shake out.

How to calculate a dog daycare owner salary?

To really figure the dog daycare owner salary for your potential dog daycare, you need to do a bit of research and math. First, look for competition in your area and get a baseline for how much they charge. Next, look for the dog owning demographic that would want doggy daycare. This is usually middle to upper class people. If you don’t have much competition in your area and have a good dog owning population that would be interested in doggy daycare, you are in good shape.

Now for the math. Profit is a pretty simple equation. Profit= Revenue – Variable costs – Fixed Costs. Revenue is how much money you make from the dogs you are caring for, so number of dogs x your charge rate. Variable costs are things like paying employees or dog food usage, then fixed costs are things like rent or insurance, which are steady monthly costs.

When figuring all this out, keep in mind that it’s always a balancing act. You want enough employees to keep things running smoothly, but not too many to cost you. In addition, you want to charge people enough that you will make money, but not so much that they won’t use your service. By doing this well, you can attain your dream job, with a six digit dog daycare owner salary.

If you have more questions or need a bit of guidance, reach out to our team at Leader of the Pack Canine Institute.

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